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Color: Pretty intense peridot green. No sediment.

Louche: Louche takes some time to develop. Middle thick. it remains green even at 1:5, with some yellow and orange.

Aroma: Not too strong. Anise, wormwood. Some grass.

Flavor: The first sips reveal an unexpected wormwood bitterness, followed by the other usual tastes of fennel and anise. Not particularly complex, but fresh and pleasant.

Finish: A lovelly, clean bitterness stays long in the mouth.

Overall: This was one the first absinthes I ordered. I found it pretty plain then. Going back to it some months after for this review, I’m surprised by the bitterness it shows. I like bitter tastes a lot. It’s a real verte. My bottle was purchased in late 2015, many years after the previous reviews.
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