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I don't really like having to rate the appearance of absinthe in general but especially blanche. It's clear. What more is there to say?
The louche is pretty bad. There must be a lot of variance in this stuff because the only other two reviews speak as if this stuff louches very thick/opaque, or at least 'just right' (not too thin). Mine louches very thin. There's barely a louche. It's very thin, very easy to see through. There are some subtle but nice shades of color in it, however. I've tried super slow drips and it still louches very thin. The bottle recommends a 1:1 or 2:1 water to absinthe ratio which is a lot less than usual but even at those ratios it's thin for me.

The aroma is nice but not very strong, especially before louche, where I feel it's similar to gin- 'piney'. After louche I recognize it as a blanche absinthe smell, leaning towards spicy.

The flavor is nice. Very well balanced but not too complex. Smooth, yet slightly spicy. The wormwood and anise are a little difficult for me to specifically pin down/detect, everything seems to blend into a solid but somewhat muted whole (I think the lower alcohol % at 100 proof makes it a bit subdued compared with other absinthes...). Slightly creamy mouthfeel.

Finish- Here I think I can notice the brandy base, which is subtle but nice and I think kind of encapsulates all of the other flavors and pulls them ever so slightly in a direction that makes this drink stand out for me just a little, compared to other blanches I've had, or at least next to something like Kubler which I think of as very basic and unexciting (but still ok absinthe).
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