Sorcière La Bleu - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Sorcière La Bleu - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Along the bottom of the back label, it is prominently written: DO NOT CONSUME OVER OPEN FLAME OR IGNITE. GOOD STUFF NEEDS NO SPECIAL EFFECTS.

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A very nice blanche
(Updated: December 28, 2009)
Overall rating
Color: Very attractive. For blanches, if there are no visible defects, I normally give a 4 instead of a 5 in order to keep them on equal ground with vertes, which I rarely give a 5 for color either.

Louche: The star anise creates a pretty quick louche, but it looks quite nice. Shades of white, blue and pink dance around. Not too thin and not too thick. I only went 1.5:1 on the water ratio since the ABV is so low.

Aroma: Light and refreshing with hints of citrus, talc and confectioner's sugar.

Flavor: Unlike many Le Bleues, which are crisp, Sorciere is more on the sweeter, creamier side. Light and flowery with a bit more anise flavor than the verte. I'd look at this as more of a winter blanche compared to something like Blanchette as a summer refresher.

Finish: Very light with some nice sweetness. Using sugar would be overkill for this brand.

Overall: The brandy isn't as obtrusive in the Bleu as it is in the Verte. Which is nice, but also confusing, since the bleu is lighter in herbal flavor. You'd think the brandy would show through even more. The lack of overpowering brandy flavor is reflected in the score. This is a very well made, very enjoyable blanche. And I don't normally care for blanches.
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Overall rating
I don't really like having to rate the appearance of absinthe in general but especially blanche. It's clear. What more is there to say?
The louche is pretty bad. There must be a lot of variance in this stuff because the only other two reviews speak as if this stuff louches very thick/opaque, or at least 'just right' (not too thin). Mine louches very thin. There's barely a louche. It's very thin, very easy to see through. There are some subtle but nice shades of color in it, however. I've tried super slow drips and it still louches very thin. The bottle recommends a 1:1 or 2:1 water to absinthe ratio which is a lot less than usual but even at those ratios it's thin for me.

The aroma is nice but not very strong, especially before louche, where I feel it's similar to gin- 'piney'. After louche I recognize it as a blanche absinthe smell, leaning towards spicy.

The flavor is nice. Very well balanced but not too complex. Smooth, yet slightly spicy. The wormwood and anise are a little difficult for me to specifically pin down/detect, everything seems to blend into a solid but somewhat muted whole (I think the lower alcohol % at 100 proof makes it a bit subdued compared with other absinthes...). Slightly creamy mouthfeel.

Finish- Here I think I can notice the brandy base, which is subtle but nice and I think kind of encapsulates all of the other flavors and pulls them ever so slightly in a direction that makes this drink stand out for me just a little, compared to other blanches I've had, or at least next to something like Kubler which I think of as very basic and unexciting (but still ok absinthe).
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A magical potion (needs no special effects)
Overall rating
I really like this blanche... smooth, sweet, pleasant-- seems good on any day.

Color: Perfectly clear, shines like a diamond-- I can tell something's in the glass when poured, but more because of the gleam it adds than because of any color. Maybe this should even be a "5"-- but I'm not calling any blanche the height of perfection until I'm sure I've seen the perfect blanche.

Louche: Acceptable, but very thick & totally opaque. Not much dimension when it's too thick/opaque for any translucent shine through. Good thing I choose absinthes by taste, not by how good the louche looks (so long as it does louche-- an absinthe that doesn't louche at all isn't real absinthe).

Aroma: I'm not the best judge of this category, but it smells quite good to me.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Very tasty. Of the three blanches I've tried, I like this one the best-- "Rich, complex, well-balanced, delicious" -- yes, I think it meets that description and deserves the "5" I'm giving it in this category. I might be biased-- I like drinks with a sweeter taste, and that also describes La Sorciere Bleue well... it is made right, no added sugar in the bottle, etc-- but it's the sweetest absinthe after louching and all that I've tasted so far.

Finish: "Interesting, intriguing, complex, long" Yep. Meets the list for the "4"-- while it's really good, I don't think it quite closes in on the perfect finish for an absinthe, so I don't think it deserves a "5".

Overall: I think this is a truly superb blanche. My experience is a little bit limited, but I think it is quite exceptional, based on what I've tried so far & what I've seen. Truly "world class"? Maybe not quite, but that's why I'm placing it at 4.5 rather than at 5.

Final comments: The distiller has added the comment "Good stuff needs no special effects" on the label of his Absinthes-- I'm inclined to agree. I like this blanche a lot more than I like the La Sorciere Verte-- although I do still like the Verte.
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