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Leans more towards a pale olive-yellowish-brown kind of color rather than a deep green of any kind. Reminds me of a bottle of Meadow of Love I had for over a year that turned yellowish. Still attractive. The louche isn't bad but isn't anything to write home about.

I love the aroma! The anise is there but there's also a fruity sweetness, almost like fruit punch. The flavor however, is much more subdued. I feel like subdued is the main word that describes it actually. Maybe I should remember to try less water next time but I think the flavors just aren't very bold here. Anise, a murky sweetness, but probably bitterness dominates the profile for me. Still not bitter enough for me to want sugar. Mouthfeel maybe a *little* on the oily side but ok. The finish gets a little better with the fruityness coming forward just a bit.

I want to point out that with the price factored in, this is a pretty solid drink! I probably won't get it again because I'm into exploring when it comes to mid-range absinthes, rather than getting the same ones over and over (I do that with the better stuff), but if my local booze store had this in stock I probably would get it occasionally, out of convenience. It makes a little less sense for me to stick with it though since I have to import, so why not try something else next time? Ultimately though, this is very good for the price.
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