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Appearance: a medium peridot green, with no sediment. Quite similar to that of Centenaire. The color is in no way as dark as it appears in the picture here.

Louche:very thick oily trails form the very beginning, the louche starts slowly, preceded by a lot of orange at the bottom of the glass, with a clearly distinct top layer. It develops into a very thick, green louche that stays thick even at 1:5.

Aroma: Before adding water an intense aroma of anise, wormwood, liquorice, hyssop. The Devoille wine alcohol is less intense than expected. With water the aroma intensify somehow, but does not become complex.

Taste: The typical Devoille taste, with wine alcohol less present than usual. A balanced holy trinity, with a good presence of hyssop and angelica. Well round and creamy, sweet, but not overly complex. Somehow spicy, with hints of cinnamon.

Finish: a long persistence of the holy trinity.

Overall: This absinthe does not have a strong Devoille personality as the Libertine ones or the Centenaire. I am very fond of Devoille’s products, but I fail to find here anything intriguing. It is a very good product for its price, without the harsh notes of Libertines that are usually love or hate. Well balanced, well mannered, but not as intense in aroma and taste as the Centenaire.
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