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Absinthe Soixante Cinq or 55 for 65 to win!
(Updated: January 04, 2013)
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I enjoy the absinthes offered by the Devoille distillery but they are unique tastewise in comparison to other distillers. I know of no other brand with a similar taste profile but one thing is certain they do offer a decent absinthe experience at a reasonable price often lower than most other brands.

Absinthe Soixante Cinq is no exception. For a modest 55$ US you get an interesting absinthe experience with artisan expertise .

The Tasting : 4:1 dilution with one sugar cube

Appearance: Organic and attractive but almost cognac-like in its coloration. Still green but appraoaching brown

Louche: brown-green roiling tendrils extend from the top as the louche works its way from the bottom of the glass end coloration not as attractive as it could be due to its original dark hues.

Aroma: Nice honeyed vanilla notes that become more pronounced with the addition of water. A tinge of mint with stronger notes of fennel and anise.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: At 4:1 there was a bit of alcohol sting at first but later subsided. The vanilla-honeyed tones really are quite nice and are reminicent of Defougerolle Verte though not as strong. Enjoyable overall and expect to like it more over time.

Finish: Lingers well and the honey vanilla overtones really invite a second glass. I would like to taste more wormwood coming through in the profile but Soixante Cinq's herbal sweetness is quite pronounced.

Overall: Enjoyable and as mentioned before the taste is unique to Devoille absinthe offerings. I would still prefer the complexity of the Defougerolle Blanche though the 65% ABV provides a milder aternative.

A quality absinthe at a good price. It may not be the most memorable of the absinthes i've tasted but is enjoyable nonetheless. Considering the price to quality ratio. I'd recommend it.
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