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Stinging bitterness.
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Color: A very pale straw color. Looks a lot like the tinted batches of Blanchette. Doesn't really resemble a verte.

Louche: Weak louche, but still interesting to watch. It does create a very noticeable layering effect and becomes fairly decent looking yet light after about 2 parts water.

Aroma: Lots of heat while unlouched. Some vegetal notes, but not any anise. Almost tart, like an aftershave. Peculiar is definitely a good word for it. After louche, it's quite grassy and weedy with just a touch of wormwood.

Flavor: Overpoweringly bitter and acrid. Obvious use of macerated wormwood. It actually stung the inside of my lips. Not at all pleasant. I can't taste any anise at all.

Finish: Grassy, weedy and woody with lots of lingering bitterness. Ouch. If I could score the finish a zero, I would.

Overall: Wow. This needs a LOT of work. I rarely sink absinthe, but this was just too hard to drink. They need to distill the wormwood and add more anise (if they started with any to begin with).

I had high hopes for this product, but was sorely disappointed. Back to the drawing board.

If I want an absinthe from Eastern Europe, I'd pick St. Antoine.

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