Oliva - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Oliva - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Stinging bitterness.
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Color: A very pale straw color. Looks a lot like the tinted batches of Blanchette. Doesn't really resemble a verte.

Louche: Weak louche, but still interesting to watch. It does create a very noticeable layering effect and becomes fairly decent looking yet light after about 2 parts water.

Aroma: Lots of heat while unlouched. Some vegetal notes, but not any anise. Almost tart, like an aftershave. Peculiar is definitely a good word for it. After louche, it's quite grassy and weedy with just a touch of wormwood.

Flavor: Overpoweringly bitter and acrid. Obvious use of macerated wormwood. It actually stung the inside of my lips. Not at all pleasant. I can't taste any anise at all.

Finish: Grassy, weedy and woody with lots of lingering bitterness. Ouch. If I could score the finish a zero, I would.

Overall: Wow. This needs a LOT of work. I rarely sink absinthe, but this was just too hard to drink. They need to distill the wormwood and add more anise (if they started with any to begin with).

I had high hopes for this product, but was sorely disappointed. Back to the drawing board.

If I want an absinthe from Eastern Europe, I'd pick St. Antoine.

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Oliva, not a good name for a product, either
Overall rating
Too pale slight yellow tinge is the colour of that product.

Louche is what makes us hope for some improvement, it is nice, thick and turbulent.

The aroma is composed of mint and wormwood only, it smells sweetish, but there is nothing spectacular about it.

Taste is really not good. It is grassy, bitter, watery and flat and in the finish the bitterness is lingering long on the palate.

If it is a distilled product, heart is cut too late and helluva of absinthins extracted therewith.

The Czech Republic has only one absinthe to be offered and it is St. Antoine and it will take other light years to get to that standard. Money cannot buy an instantaneous success.
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