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Perfect for the summer.
Overall rating
The colour before water is beautiful peridot with a subtle hint of blue. There's a slight haze, but it's otherwise perfect. The aroma is fruity and grassy. Strong colouring herb aroma and lots of anise. Grapey. (Just looked and discovered that it has a grape base, no surprise.)

After louche it's slightly thin, but still good. Opalescent green-yellow. Nice red and orange refraction. Now the aroma is dominated by unmistakable grape base. Powdery, good anise.

The flavour is very sweet and fruity, with a good balance of the herbs. Lots of citrus, perhaps a bit of spiciness. A bit of medicinal camphor, but well in balance.

There's a long and fruity finish. It's a bit numbing but not too bad. Fades into medicinal wormwood.

This is a very refreshing, enjoyable absinthe. The perfect thing to sip on a warm, summer afternoon.
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Favorite Absenta
Overall rating
I like Spanish Absentas so I was excited to finally get a chance to taste Obsello. The aroma immediately reminded me of other modern and vintage absentas I've had the pleasure of drinking. It is a fond memory filled with anise and melissa. I was hoping to find a greener color (similar to the Obsello advertising photos) but it was barely green, leaning to more of a straw. The color is a minor preference.

I like Obsello. It is a very good absinthe that (to me) captures the essence of Spanish Absenta, rising above all the current offerings and closely approaching the vintage.
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At the top of Spanish offerings
(Updated: September 24, 2008)
Overall rating
I was very excited to try this absinthe, having a soft spot in my heart for Spanish absentas. The newest version, which I received on 9/24/08 is a dramatic improvement to the first release I tasted.

Color: A vibrant, attractive peridot green.

Louche: Very nice looking louche, building well, and ending thick and attractive.

Aroma: Floral and sweet with a nice hint of anise. The wormwood is somewhat subdued, but not in a bad way.

Flavor: The flavor is much more light and refreshing than the original Spanish offering. I really enjoy it. The anise is pleasantly sweet. Not cloying at all. The wormwood plays a nice supporting role, adding a light bitterness with pairs nicely with the mint. The mint is subtle, just lending a bit more assertiveness to the wormwood.

Finish: Here's where we see the most dramatic improvement. The finish is sweet and lingers in the back of your mouth. Again, just a touch of wormwood. I can see where they would call this a 'feminine' absinthe. This isn't an absinthe I'd turn to on a cold winter's night. It's more something I'd either drink in the summer, or with a meal.

Overall: It's nice to see an absinthe that Spain can proudly call their own. This is worthy of being in anyone's collection.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3
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