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Color: Obsello starts with a natural green color that is strong and solid. The color may be a bit on the yellow side.

Louche: This Spanish absinthe louches with a milky swirl and no oil trails. There is a blueish hue to the whiter parts of the louche which I couldn't figure out. The overall louche settles evenly, but a bit quickly.

Aroma: This absinthe filled the room quickly just upon opening the bottle. After water is added the wormwood really starts to stand out. The aroma of Obsello is still a bit strong even with water added. There are some other herbs noticeable if you can get past the standouts of anise and wormwood.

Flavor: The grape spirits leave Obsello naturally sweet with no sugar needed at all. The traditional big three herbs of anise, fennel, and wormwood are out in force, although some other herbs are just a little noticeable. This is an extremely pleasant drink but not as complex as I would like my absinthe. There is a little bite at first with a 1:4 ratio, but experimenting with other ratios left this too light or too strong for my taste, but not drastically different.

Finish: The other herbs of this drink come out just a bit more during the finish but not enough to really make things more complex. The finish sweetens up as well, maybe too much. My tounge felt pleasingly warm and barely numb.

Overall: Obsello is wonderful and would be great for a sweet-absinthe occasion. I would prefer more complexity, slower louche, a tad less aroma, and maybe less of a sweet rush in the finish.
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