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Certainly a personal liquor cabinet staple
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Color: Deeply colored, very natural. Slightly more yellow than green, with an impressively dark tint.

Louche: Louched fairly thickly with pretty gold and pale blueish tones, ending with a creamy, mustardy color. Nicely opaque, definitely a interesting color...near turquoise in parts.

Aroma: The scent practically jumps out of the bottle, room-filling when poured but greatly lessened when water was added. Some faint anise and bitter notes, but mostly sweet and vanilla scented.

Flavor: I feel like the wormwood in this is what's been missing in my life all this time. Wonderfully bitter and warm, quite sweet with a hint of a sour, citrus edge.

Finish: The finish more than makes up for the lack of balance in the flavor. The taste finally rounds out, evolving into something very, very tasty. If I went too long without taking another drink, I found myself wondering, "why do I have this delicious flavor in my mouth" and then remembered I had a glass to finish.

Overall: This absinthe is delicious, but balanced it is not. I've found that it also has a very small window for tasting just's very easy to overwater. I think I settled on what was very nearly a 1:3.5 ratio.
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