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Better in the summer
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: Nice dark olivey green. Perfectly clear and natural looking.

Louche: Louche came on very fast but was thick and dense. Amber and gold highlights with light olive green. The liquid in the glass now looks thick and creamy just like in the old pictures. 4
Aroma: Lemony and floral. Minty spice. Anise is very present but not overpowering. Very citrusy and unique.

Flavor: Right off the bat its mint and lemon. Very refreshing but perhaps a bit overpowering. Anise is there but wormwood is difficult to detect. To me wormwood has a slight mentholated with mild bitterness flavor so the mint could be masking the wormwood. There is another flavor in there that is difficult to put my finger on. It reminds me of Agwa a coca leaf liqueur and perhaps not too far off from tea. It’s not a bad flavour just untraditional for an absinthe. It tastes very good but I will give it a 3 due to the fact that mint and lemon are the predominant flavours.

Finish: This is where the wormwood shows up. Finish is light (a bit thin perhaps) but also smooth, fresh and crisp. Slight bitterness from the wormwood and slight tongue numbing from the anise. The bitterness and mint linger for a while but not in an unpleasant way. A very good finish overall. Smooth, fresh and crisp.

Overall: This is one of best absinthes to come out of Spain. It is distilled from grape spirits and is naturally coloured. Compared to other authentic absinthes it has a very unique flavour profile. It is very refreshing. A perfect absinthe for sitting outside in the early evening of a hot summer day. I could also see this being used in cocktails that call for mint or mint liqueur. I want to give some extra points here for the value of this absinthe. For the money it is an excellent absinthe. Even someone with a college budget could afford to always have a bottle on hand.
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