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Obsello. A Unique Quality Absinthe
(Updated: July 31, 2011)
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Edited after over a year of sampling, from 3 bottles.
4:1 and 3:1 no sugar. Good both at dilutions

Color: A medium yellow with a slight touch of green, but was just a bit hazy.
Revist: after half a year, it still has a lot of haze, and simply is not clear enough pre-louche. Louched, the color is quite nice. I'd have rated the color higher were it not cloudy neat.

Louche: It formed quickly and evenly. There was nice clouding as it built, and the final result was pretty and opalescent.

Aroma: Powerful sweet anise, and a flowery minty herbal profile. Very nice. Perhaps the highlight of this absinthe.

Flavor. Crisp and clean. A light dryness that is quite enjoyable. The Grape base has a light brandy-like quality that is tempered nicely by the trinity, which is well balanced.
I like it a lot, and it is a different take on absinthe than the French and Swiss styles. I hope to sample more Spanish absentas.

Finish: Nice and clean. All the elements roll around, tingle lightly, wrap themselves in a silkiness then fade to a light spicy citrus, always with the kiss of grape base in there.

I plan to keep it in stock in my arsenal. It is a solid absinthe, refreshing and tasty!

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