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Solid go-to absinthe
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color- Very natural. Close to a deep green with some tendencies towards gold. Some haziness is preventing a 5.

Louche- Gets cloudy really quickly and is quite thick until the louche is finished. I couldn’t see any oil trails and such but my lighting was kinda dark too.

Aroma- Essences of sweet anise and mint. It reminds me of mint gum. Some hints of tropical fruit and powdery overtones add some complexity.

Flavor- Great mixture of anise and tropical fruit notes right away. Wormwood towards the back of the tongue is paired with mint. That is a very nice combination. The mouth feel is pretty decent as well.

Finish- Fruity anise lingers for a long time. Wormwood bitterness sets in and again is paired with mint. Really quality finish.

Overall- Extremely drinkable absinthe. Very solid in all areas. It misses the “wow” factor but would be great as a “go-to” addition to the cabinet. A great summer absinthe as others here have stated. I’m thinking the mint notes may make this perfect to adding to a mojito? The price is right on this absinthe as well. Terrific value.

Notes- Minor complaint but I agree regarding the wax covering. It took me a while to chisel off the wax using a steak knife…. I just wanna drink it!
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