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(Updated: December 21, 2008)
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This was my first time trying a Spanish absinthe, and I went into it a bit concerned about the purported "mint" flavor of this drink. In that regard, however, my concerns were misplaced.

The color before water was a nice but unremarkable green, somewhere between peridot and olive. After water, the drink louches to an equally unremarkable yellow jade. The louche itself forms very rapidly, without the thick, rope-like oil trails of other brands, and my sense was the louche developed somewhat too quickly to be entirely proper.

The aroma, flavor, and finish are all good. I found this absinthe heavier on wormwood and with less emphasis on anise than other varieties I've tried. In that regard, it is like Lucid, though overall it's better and does not have Lucid's peppery notes. The finish is also good: a nice, lingering bitterness.

Overall, a good offering and one I'll continue to enjoy.
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