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Absinthe for hot summer nights
(Updated: July 02, 2008)
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This review is based on a sample from the same Spanish bottle as Dr. Love's review.

Color: natural and elegant, but perhaps a bit subdued. Clear of sediment though, and pleasing to the eye.

Louche: almost as soon as I started dripping chilled water into my glass the louche began to build. Starting in the depths of the glass and reaching up quickly, the louche clouded up beautifully but quickly. Those who enjoy a prolonged louche will be disappointed.

Aroma: I am anosmic, so I can not comment on this facet, but since I have to give it some rating I have borrowed Dr. Love's choice of a 4.

Flavor: Very creamy indeed and, as noted bt Dr. Love, there is certainly a vanilla flavor up front. This is replaced by a spicy anise flavor that outlasts any other subtle mint or wormwood flavors. Mint was in no way overpowering in my sample and I might have overlooked it if I hadn't been looking specifically for it.

Finish: perhaps too quick, but clean and refreshing in a way that seemed well planned to me. This is why I titled this review as I did; the finish is perfect for a humid nights. There is pleasant numbing of the tongue, but also that lingering spiciness.

Overall: as my first Absenta that was not an oil mix, I found Obsello to be an interesting variation on Absinthe and a tasty treat. If I could change one aspect it would be to increase the wormwood to balance the flavor slightly, but this is a minor quibble. I recommend it and hope it is available in the U.S. very soon.
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