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Note: Nemesinthe is Ldf's effort to bring forth a 'budget' absinthe for those who do not have the means to regularly spend large amounts of cash for the higher quality brands.

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Not a fan.
Overall rating
Color: Artificial yet attractive.

Louche: Turbulent and pretty while louching. Post louche, it's a bit too thick and oily, like previously mentioned.

Aroma: Star anise and quite a bit of mint, citrus, and pine. Definitely a little warm. Peculiar is a perfect descriptor.

Flavor: Wormwood and pine. I don't know what that is, but man, LOTS of pine. A bit weedy and peppery. Wormwood is a bit harsh. I just don't like the wormwood used in oil mixes. Very powerful flavors.

Finish: Quite thick and numbing. Might be smoother if louched up at a higher ratio.

Overall: If you get a bottle of this, I highly recommend trying higher water ratios like 4:1 and 5:1. You'll probably enjoy it more. At the normal ratio of 3:1, it's got way too many harsh and unbalanced flavors.
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Good for cocktails?
(Updated: December 18, 2009)
Overall rating
Color: (a bit too) vivid green with some yellowish glances.

Louche: instant! Very milky, you can't see through, internal rims of the glass are very oily, very unusual to see that much oil residues.

Aroma: once passed the very present alcohol, badiane is detected, then anise, something fennelish, and genetically modified wormwood. The final note is minty and slightly lemony.

Flavor: sure there is badiane, a sorta minty anise, and liquorice, yes liquorice that brought back some brown candies to my memories. Then comes a very bitter wormwood, concentrated like in some absentas or some Czech absynths.

Finish: thick and biting, numbs the palate instantly.

Overall: we can't help thinking about Spanish absinthes, but in a more 'intense' way. Once passed the very biting aspect of it, we're left with a rather displeasing bitterness, the palate is so numbed that you can hardly drink anything else after.
May be nice in cocktails, or in summer if diluted enough, who knows...
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Unbalanced and unpleasant
Overall rating
Color: Beautiful jade green with a very slight yellow tinge (artificial looking).

Louche: A little slow to start but then too quickly becoming very turbulent with brief nice trails and then almost instantly becoming very milky with no opalescence. Thick oily meniscus, much thicker than normal but then disappears much too quickly.

Aroma: Before water, lemony pine and VERY alcoholic. After water, very disappointing ... definitely not herbal or room filling. You really have to get your nose in the glass to get anything. Unfortunately, when you do the aroma is very pine scented disinfectant like with a hint of rubber?

Flavor: Overwhelmingly pine and wormwood! Some star anise and pepper at the front with a slight mintiness noticeable in the middle. A very piney and pasty aftertaste at the end that thickens with every sip. Very bitter and astringent (even with sugar). Where is that unpleasant pasty pine taste coming from?

Finish: Very biting and tongue numbing with that very cloying pasty pine taste that doesn't go away. I really couldn't drink anything afterwards because of the persistent thick, pine, pasty aftertaste.

Overall: I really couldn't finish a glass of this. Absinthe neophytes that try this as their first absinthe will likely be turned off to absinthe altogether ... I certainly would be. I applaud LDF for trying to develop an affordable absinthe and hope they will work to improve Nemesinthe based on these reviews. I also hope they are using the authentic process. I can find no references as to how Nemesinthe is made ... the color alone makes me suspicious. I've sampled this twice now (one time too many ... to be honest). More water did not make it better. I wouldn't use this in a cocktail, etc. for the same flavor and finish reasons I mentioned above. Unfortunately, this ranks as one of the worst absinthe I've ever had. Hopefully, Nemesinthe 2.0 will be better.
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Needs revision
Overall rating
Color- Bright green but something about it makes it too artificial. No sediment.

Louche- Thick oil trails. Meniscus present until about a 2 to 1 ration. Too thick when completed. Extremely green for a fully louched absinthe.

Aroma- Anise with cucumbers and pine. A fair amount of alcohol heat. Not much else going on and it’s quite imbalanced.

Flavor- Cucumbers, pine and astringent wormwood/alcohol. It’s not the worst tasting thing in the world; just way too peculiar and one-dimensional for an absinthe.

Finish- Very basic with a candy-like anise aftertaste. No other lingering flavors to be found. I didn’t find the wormwood to be too harsh as others have noted.

Overall- Not very enjoyable in a typical absinthe drip. If you happen to procure a bottle I would recommend using it in cocktails.
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Time has come to show off what you cook
(Updated: December 20, 2010)
Overall rating
Colour is just right, though artificial.

Louche is too quick and too thick.

aroma is chemical amd absinthe wrong. flavourless with hints of mint and badiane. The worst absentas are better that that.

Calling it absinthe is like calling Grey goose genuine vodka, a shame.

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