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In a moment of weakness and pure stupidity, I decided to purchase 750ml of Le Tourment Vert from a local Bevmo.

I have purchased only 3 bottles of Absinthe since I began drinking the delicious spirit in late September of this year. Every time I purchased a new bottle I decided to stick with my original choice, Kubler; I guess I should have known better to switch it up so early in the game. Allow me to explain myself more fully.

When I opened the bottle of Le Tourment Vert I was hit in the face (much like a brick) by a wall of alcohol, followed by a slight minty smell, followed by something similar to a mix of bleach and licorice, mixed with a little more alcohol.

After crossing myself, I looked down into the bottle and noticed a strange aqua color; a mix between neon blue and neon green. There is no natural substance I know of that will produce this sort of coloring so I am 100% positive that the coloring step was skipped almost entirely.

Upon the addition of water I noticed the color change from the strange mix of neon blue and neon green to a sluggish aqua marine. I could see directly through the glass, there was absolutely no louche what so ever (at least as far as I was concerned).

If there are any children in the room, please have them leave immediately; what you are about to read is extremely disturbing.

Shortly after downing my first shot of the Le Tourment, my senses were overwhelmed with a burst of alcohol and mint mixed with a bit of bleach, followed by a strange, booming and prolonged groan that seemed to come directly from my stomach.

I rushed into the bathroom, rinsed my mouth out with some scope (which strongly resembled the Le Tourment Vert, too much for comfort if you ask me), spit it out, poured a glass of Pernod and enjoyed the rest of my evening sipping on the Pernod and a bit of Kubler.

To some it up, this drink is not Absinthe. It is disgusting, toxic and has been found wanting.

I have since purchased a bottle of St. George, Obsello and Kubler and am currently awaiting their arrival so that I may flush this horrifying encounter with the Le Tourment Vert from my memory, entirely.
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