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(Updated: January 24, 2009)
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This was my third venture into the world of absinthe and I'm still somewhat of a newcomer. I lucked up and got a bottle of this for $35 on sale at my local liquor store. Although its not technically an absinthe I think its getting a bit of a bad rap.

The color you will definitely notice is very altered (it even includes a sticker on the bottle identifying the food colorings added). I was a little taken aback by this initially. Its a beautiful color, but not the color of absinthe

The louche, as some have mentioned, is not very impressive. Just a slow turn to slightly cloudy. Its still retains the bright blue color even afterwards.

The pre-louche aroma is nice. Anise with some mintyness.

The post-louche aroma is mingled with all sorts of herbal goodness. The anise is light, but still detectable.

The taste is an easy, sweet, and an herbally complex flavor. I really enjoy it. It has a lasting mint flavor and is quite refreshing. Its very different from any other absinthe that I've had.

The finish fades quickly. Like I said, its very easy to drink, but no real lasting tastes, except maybe mint. I feel the alcohol is balanced well compared to some that have a harsh alcohol taste after.

Overall I feel its a decent absinthe like product. It may not be "real" absinthe, but its still a nice tasting, refreshing drink. I recommend trying it if you can get a bottle for under $45.

I've changed some of my scores having a little more experience with some nice traditional absinthes. This is still a tasty beverage, but it really is a sad excuse for absinthe. Enjoyable in its own right, but terrible as an absinthe.
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