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The most unique of the Jades
Overall rating
This is a very unique offering from the Jade line. It's almost a love it or hate it kind of thing, like Montmartre.

The color is a deep forest green color with no visible sediment or murkiness.

The louche seems a bit pale and slow forming, which ends up being a bit too thin. Mostly opaque but no opalescence.

The aroma has hints of allspice again. It really reminds me of almost a Christmas-y type of smell. Rather intriguing and VERY enjoyable.

The taste is very clean and crisp with a nice wormwood finish. However, I can't put my finger on it, but there is something almost briny hiding back there somewhere, like what you might get hints of in a coastal Scotch. I still get the holiday vibe from the flavor as well.

Overall, an extremely interesting and complex absinthe. It's unique, which will attract some people, and put off some others. It's still a very enjoyable drink.
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Jade's odd man out
Overall rating
The colour neat is a pale blue-green, slightly hazy. The louche is beautiful. There's lots of wonderful stuff going on, but it's somewhat thin. The post-louche colour is wonderful, though. Jade green with yellow and blue nuances throughout. The aroma is odd and intriguing. There's a soft, chocolatey layer over light anise and great wormwood, with citrus notes and some musky undertones. That nice wormwood is upfront in the flavour. Anise and fennel are light and there's an underlying earthiness. There's a strange, salty flavour, reminiscent of sea salt. Anise doesn't really come out until the finish, which is lingering and delightful. The mouth-feel is rich but leaves some room for improvement. This is a strange absinthe. I don't always appreciate its idiosynchrasies but there are times when nothing else is right.
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2 results - showing 1 - 2
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