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Call This One "Senator"
(Updated: June 19, 2012)
Overall rating
I have seen so many commentaries on the Jade absinthes, especially Edouard and PF 1901, and comparisons between the two, that I decided to wrap up my evaluations of both consecutively, in one afternoon. This review, and the review of the PF 1901, dated the same, are intended as a pair, for comparison purposes. Everyone seems to have their favorite, and so do I, at least today.

Unlouched, pale amber/green with slight olive tinge. Very clear, very natural and organic looking. Louched, milky golden amber/green with slight olive tinge. Whitish blue/green at edges and bluish/white at the meniscus. Even though light in color, it has a riveting vibrancy. This is what I imagine "opaline" to be.

Good thick trails and good action right from the get-go. This is great theatre. Maintains very defined layering until about 1/1, at which point it accelerates in clouding, and quickly becomes opaque. Louche looks Vaseline thick through 3/1, and really needs a dilution of 4/1 to let some light pass and give it a nice glow.

COMPLEX! This is so hard to pin down. There's so much going on here, and depending on if it's been sitting, swirled, or if I think about it differently, something else comes to the fore. At first it was herbals up front. Wormwood, dusty, powdery hay, straw, florals... just lots of tan tones. Now, as it warms a little, it's anise and fennel leading the charge. Always a distinct spiciness. Lots and lots of layers. Occasionally, a slight earthy note shows itself.

Nice creamy mouthfeel, but not overly so. Tight, dense herbals and a quite spicy sensation. This comes at you like Krug Vintage does, in the Champagne world. Tightly wound power. Like a big fluffy beach towel, but twisted up tight. It's all there, just... well you get the drift! Lots of complexities, just not in an expansive way. Really firm cut. Very aristocratic in texture and impression. As it really warms up, it becomes just a little minty.

All the stuff from the nose and palate, in a slow fade. A satisfying prickly "pull" on the palate and "pinch" on the tongue from the combination of wormwood and anise. It slowly dries to a powdery finish. There's a beautiful pace to this transition, and I'm sure it's no accident. Finish is very long, and the overall impression is one of very high quality.

One of the best I have tried. Noble, aristocratic, classic. One of the most impressive things is the frame upon which it is built. All the ingredients are there, however it has a quiet power, and a certain reservation that keeps it from being over the top. As I sip this, my mind's eye sees a classic wood paneled library with flame-stitch and dark paisley wingback chairs. Truly regal, refined, and dignified. I'd say, call this one "Senator"!

7/18/09 Revisit - First, all scores and text of my original review remain intact. I did consider three changes from the original review but decided not. Those are "Aroma", "Flavor", and "Overall". I considered changing both scores for aroma and flavor to 4s due to the evidence of the marc base, which I referred to in my original review as an "earthy note". I've decided that it is not really that intrusive, and adds another complexity to the mix, however if it were any more forward, I would consider it a fault. At room temperature, it is almost not a factor. So consider the 5s in those categories "soft" 5s. Also, at one time I considered a score of 5 in "Overall", and because of the soft nature of the aforementioned scores, I am leaving it a 4. This is still one of my personal favorites. Complex, impressive, and texturally, very distinctive.

Done with a 1 ounce dose, diluted 4/1 and 5/1, and no sugar.

Jade Edouard 11/15/08, 12/15/08, 12/20/08, 7/18/09.
All evaluations had consistent notes.

Some comparisons of Jade Edouard and Jade PF 1901

Ed is just a little pale.
1901 is classic peridot. I get a pair o' "doe eyes", just looking at it!

Ed shows me why the Jade louche is famous.
1901 shows me why the Jade louche is famous.

Ed is very highly complex.
1901 is highly complex.

Ed is more restrained, classy, distinctive.
1901 invokes a little muscle without being brash or clumsy.

Ed finish can usurp your attention for the rest of the evening.
1901 finish makes me feel like a puppy having it's tummy rubbed.

Ed, if you are a fan of Bordeaux.
1901, if you are a fan of California Cabernet.

Ed - "Call me Senator".
1901 - "Call me Bond... James Bond".
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Another winner from Jade
(Updated: May 13, 2009)
Overall rating
Color is a very light green. Natural.
Louche produces great oil trails with a gradual louche, ending with a brilliant light green opalescence.
Aroma begins with a little heat without water. After louche, it's ver light and crisp. Rich in anise.
Taste is a little light, but still has nice wormwood and anise flavors with a strong finish. Hints of corriander.

Overall, a wonderful absinthe to have around. Very easy to drink.
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