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Summer and everyday
Overall rating
Appearance: a very light green, clear.

Louche: quickly forming, some orange,

Aroma: a standard green, strong in anise, not very complex.

Flavour: mostly anise, but wormwood is there too with its slight bitterness. Not complex but very refreshing.

Finish: some wormwood lingering in the mouth.

Overall: a very nice absinthe, low in alcohol, light but tasty, very affordable, strong in anise. It's an ideal everyday absinthe. I should be perfect for summer. I drink it 1:5 without sugar, it's very refreshing. I tend to prefer absinthes with more complexity and less anise, but I still like it a lot.
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A Simple Glass
Overall rating
Neat color is very light green. Being an absinthe bottled at 45% - I wouldn't go more than 1:3 and even that is a slight stretch. A bit one-dimensional but not offensive. When louched, appears similar to a blanche, being quite quite pale - close to white. The louche itself is correct and the aroma and taste is good - just very simple. This might be a really good introductory absinthe for beginners.

I expected a bit more from this absinthe - but it remains inexpensive and inoffensive. Not bad.
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Decent mid-priced absinthe
Overall rating
Very pale yellow green, louches to almost pure white. Before water, aroma has burning alcohol(strange for 45%) after is strong on Anis and minty Wormwood. Fairly M.O.R flavour profile, but tasty.
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A Good Starter Absinthe
Overall rating
Francois Guy is light, and at 45%, is not as strong as most others. The color is very pale yellowish green.

This is not an absinthe for those who dislike anise; the aroma is the first detected upon opening the bottle and is the chief flavor present in the taste, although the wormwood shows through sufficiently well enough to keep this from being merely an anise aperitif.

As might be expected from an absinthe so simple, the flavor is not complex or challenging at all, but is entirely pleasant with a refreshing mouth feel. Soft and floral in both fragrance and taste, it lacks the astringency that many more herbal absinthes have.

Remarkably affordable - it comes in 1 liter bottles, as opposed to the more common 750ml. François Guy makes an good beginner's absinthe or an economical day-to-day absinthe.
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4 results - showing 1 - 4