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Summer and everyday
Overall rating
Appearance: a very light green, clear.

Louche: quickly forming, some orange,

Aroma: a standard green, strong in anise, not very complex.

Flavour: mostly anise, but wormwood is there too with its slight bitterness. Not complex but very refreshing.

Finish: some wormwood lingering in the mouth.

Overall: a very nice absinthe, low in alcohol, light but tasty, very affordable, strong in anise. It's an ideal everyday absinthe. I should be perfect for summer. I drink it 1:5 without sugar, it's very refreshing. I tend to prefer absinthes with more complexity and less anise, but I still like it a lot.
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A Simple Glass
Overall rating
Neat color is very light green. Being an absinthe bottled at 45% - I wouldn't go more than 1:3 and even that is a slight stretch. A bit one-dimensional but not offensive. When louched, appears similar to a blanche, being quite quite pale - close to white. The louche itself is correct and the aroma and taste is good - just very simple. This might be a really good introductory absinthe for beginners.

I expected a bit more from this absinthe - but it remains inexpensive and inoffensive. Not bad.
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Simple, but highly enjoyable!
Overall rating
*Received as sample in absinthe explore set from

Appearance - While not breathtaking, FG is definitely clear and natural in appearance. As many have observed, it's nothing completely out of the ordinary, but it is "pretty" in the glass.

Louche - Very nice to watch. The opalescent swirling continues well up to the 3:1 mark.

Aroma - The aroma is mostly the standard anise fare - not overly complex, but pleasant.

Flavor/Mouthfeel - Feels fairly thick on the tongue. Very pleasant taste with far less of an anise overload than is hinted in the aroma. Fairly well-balanced and pleasant. Again, not overly complex, but very enjoyable.

Finish - If absinthe is supposed to be refreshing, FG has that in spades. The finish is light but lingering and adds to the overall positive experience.

Overall - Even having sampled FG without knowledge of its economical advantages, we both really liked this absinthe. While it is simple, it would be a great introduction to absinthe. It is pretty, louches well, smells and tastes lovely, and is extremely easy to drink. I could see this as an "every day" absinthe and, given its incredibly reasonable price tag, an absinthe I would gladly recommend to a friend looking to order a good starter.
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A quality absinthe at a decent price.
Overall rating
The color of this absinthe can't quite be called a verte as its more of a pale yellow. The louche forms almost immediately so there really isn't much of a display to enjoy at all. Now that we have the crtitiques over with its all pretty good from here on with the aroma spreading nicely throughout the room . I didn't like the taste at first but I had only tried Spanish absinthes.I really grew to like this one though it would have been better if it was a little stronger. The anise is not so strong as one woould expect and the wormwood really gives it a bitter kick. There is something interesting going on as the absinthe had an almost rooty nutty quality I hadn't expected and this is what turned me off at the start. Very interesting and complex.I'd buy it again. The bottle also has a nice classic design that is a nice keeper.
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Decent mid-priced absinthe
Overall rating
Very pale yellow green, louches to almost pure white. Before water, aroma has burning alcohol(strange for 45%) after is strong on Anis and minty Wormwood. Fairly M.O.R flavour profile, but tasty.
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6 results - showing 1 - 5
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