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This bottle is, I believe, from a very early batch. It was prepared in an East glass, with no sugar, and icy cold slow drip.

Initial Aroma: The smell coming from the newly uncorked bottle was everything I've come to expect in a quality absinthe. It seems one can, with experience, sense the quality of an absinthe, at least vaguely, by the very first sniff. In the glass there is no trace of alcohol, only the subtle sweet hint of fennel I've come to anticipate and crave. Very light and attractive.

Color, pre-louche: Being an older bottle, the color is somewhat less vibrant than when I first put it in storage, but it is still a perfectly clear, wonderfully hued olive oil.

Louche: The louche begins beautifully as a smokey cloud gently filling the bottom of the glass before rising evenly up to the band. Up until the band vanishes, very defined trails stand out, seeming to lift the band higher and higher. I've never seen a louche with such beautifully defined trails, let alone for so long during the transformation. The aroma barely changes from pre-louche, only growing in intensity and becoming more icy and complex. It smells incredibly balanced. This is a wonderfully thick louche, just how I prefer my absinthe, and the color is a gorgeous shade of velvety jade.

Flavor: At first sip this absinthe is nowhere near as sweet as I, for whatever reason, envisioned it. The first flavor to express itself is wormwood, and only after that does the complex mixture of traditional and unique ingredients begin to show their magic. I am instantly reminded of the highest quality traditional style absinthe I've had, and this one imminently sets itself up as contender to any. I find it difficult to point out specific flavors because it is so fantastically blended; nothing overpowers anything else, and yet they all come together perfectly.

Overall Judgment: With each absinthe I taste I find myself either crowning a new favorite or not being completely satisfied, but without any overreaction I can say this is by far the most delicious absinthe I've tasted. It is perfectly balanced and carries that wonderfully mysterious character that, to me, defines absinthe. I can't help but wonder if any absinthe served during the Belle Epoque tasted this good. There is nothing about this absinthe that seems "too much" or "out of place". I legitimately feel like I've tasted absinthe for the first time!
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