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(Updated: November 11, 2010)
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Walton Waters from Delaware Phoenix is a lovely spirit, one that will be enjoyed most by those who like their absinthe complex and intensely herbal.

It begins a very attractive shade of peridot, though there is variation from bottle to bottle. The first I bought was nearly emerald, whereas the second was a more usual shade of peridot. Nevertheless, I have seldom seen a more pleasing color of absinthe, and the louche (to a very attractive jade green) is also as good as it gets.

The aroma is very clean and herbal, though it is less intense than I would have expected. The flavor too is very herbal, with much more wormwood than anise, at least to my palate. There is very little spice in this absinthe's flavor profile, and some might find it slightly grassy, though I do not. The finish is long and rich, with wormwood being the most prominent note.

Overall, I like this one very much. Another fine American absinthe joins the ranks!

Update: I just tried this absinthe again after not tasting it for some months. This time, I found no trace of grassiness in the flavor...indeed, it was exactly what an absinthe should be...and therefore I raised the rating accordingly. Walton Waters may well be the best brand on the U.S. market at present.
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