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Wonderful Waters
(Updated: February 13, 2013)
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Before Water: Vibrant, clear- nearly forest- green. I believe this is due to the young age of this absinthe, and in 3 weeks I have already seen it move just so slightly towards peridot. I'll need to see it around the 6 month mark to really be able to score it properly (I know of some excellent absinthes that were vibrant green right after coloration, but are now closer to pale amber simply because they have been aged).

After Water: Very nice medium lime; natural and attractive. Thicker than some, but has good depth.

Thick, impressive trails that seem to bounce into fluffy knots and then form little jelly layers. Cloud grows at about the perfect rate, is well defined and reaches into the clear top section when disturbed by water drops.

Before Water: Clean alcohol heat, prominent citrus, and a deep herbal tone that's due especially to the wormwood and fennel.

After Water: Sweet floral and citrus up front. Backing herbaceous notes that are cohesive, but I think I can pick out the grand and petite wormwoods and maybe a little powdery hyssop.

Sweet anise and fennel are first up, then act as a foundation to let smooth citrus, minty bitter wormwood, finely balanced herb melange and spicy notes come through. I agree with the assessment that one should roll it around a bit more than usual before swallowing to get the most out of the tasty wormwood and other herbs. It wouldn't be surprising if the flavor opens up more as the absinthe matures.

Very nice mouthfeel- smooth and full, with a mild, yet spicy tingle.

The finish is has good staying power, with the grand wormwood coming out even more for a savory bitter send off.

This is a great absinthe that I do not hesitate to recommend. Slightly bolder (I get more grand wormwood, and less petite, comparatively) and creamier than its sibling, Meadow of Love. The soft citrus notes and almost juicy mouthfeel distinguish it, yet it pays tribute to the classic Pontarlier style. Another entry for my top 10.

Notes: Louched 3:1 and 3.5:1, no sugar. Batch 09-3 Bottle 29
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