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Thanks God, someone is making Waves
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Lime green, not too neon, not undercoloured, indication of young absinthe. What to whine about? Walton Waters is darker warm green, cadmium green than Meadow of Love I haven’t had yet.

Ends opalescent green. The yellowishness it was what IMO it might have benefited from and so it have after some time.


Not too hasty, delicate, almost opaque but without striving towards too much of translucency. Note, my water is not frozen, it is just cold, so even at the level I like it, with frozen one should end much thicker.


Herbal, clean, citrusy, flowery, at 1:3 no alcohol harshness.

flavour and finish:

Spicy, feminine and light, doesn't pack a wallop but is not dull or one-dimensional.

Intriguing, bolder than mouthfeel and aroma suggest, spicier with a perceptible wormwood and some note I am trying to pin down, like calamus, maybe elecampane or very aggressive Roman chamomile, it builds up in the middle of the palate and then fades away-now I know it is lemon thyme.


Extrait d'absinthe-no doubt about, has the personality, has its own kick and is pleasant. When kept longer in the mouth, gets divine bitterness. Lacks funkiness or one-dimensionality of some overestimated brands. This is a completely different league of what is being offered in Europe and is completely different from American notable brands like Pacifique or Leopold.

Can't wait to try Meadow of Love since it is so much of a goodness.

I have reviewed it on 12/17/2008 and once again on 04/20/2009
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