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Bison grass
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Appearance: a very light peridot green, with no sediment.

Louche: rather slow to start, but then very thick. At 1:4 the louche is beautifully opalescent, in a light green. At 1:5 the louche starts weakening.

Aroma: Before adding water the aroma is not very strong. Some alcohol and an aroma that is not that of the holy trinity but, I think, that of bison grass. With water the aroma does not intensify much, and alcohol (this is a strong absinthe at 72%) remains evident in a pleasant way, quite consistent with the specific herbal scent.

Taste: Some wormwood, little anise, the complex and delicate taste of bison grass. The taste is different from any other absinthe I know of, the holy trinity is here mostly a background for the specific taste of bison grass, but it does work for me!

Finish: bison grass lingers long both in the nose and mouth.

Overall: this is a fine absinthe, and those looking for something different are likely to appreciate it.
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