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Anticeptic or absinthe?
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Color: Radioactive bluish greenish.

Louche: None expected. It lived up to its expectations.

Aroma: Minty fresh. Like mouthwash.

Taste: Also very similar to mouthwash. Both in regards to flavor and burn.

Finish: Heat.

Overall: If this product didn't prey on uneducated consumers looking for high thujone products, it would never sell. It's not absinthe. If you buy it, you'll probably be disappointed.
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Zele premium 2006
Overall rating
I don't get it when I bought this back in 2006 it was excellent stuff. It had a nice green color smelled like anise and when water is added it louches perfectly .the experience me and my friend had was excellent! Definitely not a drunk buzz but a better buzz with no hangover. I was gonna order more but I wonder if its changed?
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Don't buy it....waste of money
Overall rating
I can't even begin to tell you how unhappy I am with this version of fake absinthe. To me and my taste.... it does not even come close to the real thing. It scores a zero overall.

The taste reminds me of aftershave lotion and mouthwash spiked with everclear. Absolutely NO louche ...at all! And the aroma is very close to mint flavored denatured alcohol. No anise,herbal aroma...only a minty fresh taste I can only compare to green mouthwash. This stuff is terrible and I would not ever buy it again. I was hoping for something special, instead, I got ripped off....:-(

It does however, at 151 proof, have a kick,, if you can get by the terrible taste....

I wish I would have read the above reviews before I bought this poor quality fake absinthe..

Dont buy it...

thank you

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Maybe Useful as a Premium-Priced Cough Suppressant
(Updated: April 18, 2008)
Overall rating
Also called "Absinthe X," Zele Premium Absinthe is simply a high-priced bad experience.

My first impression upon opening the bottle was of a strong night-time cough remedy. There was absolutely no louching at all upon the introduction of ice-water and sugar -- this merely thinned its almost fluorescent blue-green color. Water also did not improve its very unsubtle fragrance, or its overpoweringly foul taste, which lingered unpleasantly on the tongue.

I only slightly exaggerate when I say that a cheaper, similar experience could probably be had by fortifying a bottle of NyQuil with Everclear, and then cutting that with sugar and water. I recommend that you run away from this product -- run quickly! The only thing premium in Zele Premium Absinthe is the price one pays for a poor-quality product.
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Zele..Maybe it should be applied not imbibed.1/2/0
Overall rating
The color was a clear spring-leaf green which remained with the addition of ice water. No louche whatsoever. Aroma upon opening bottle was that of inexpensive perfume sans herbs. And the taste was that of the same perfume mixed with ethanol. Fortunately I had purchased a small bottle. One glass was almost too much. There was no finish other than the perfume taste wearing off a little. This product boasts 100+ mg thujone. I tasted very little if any grand wormwood. Not even any anise. Overall I was thoroughly glad to have purchased such a small amount. It would have been an enormous waste of money.
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