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An incredible blanche!
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I enjoyed my glass of Wormwood Blanche without sugar and at a ratio of 4 parts water to 1 part absinthe.

The color was ideally clear. The louche formed well at about 2:1, but quickly thinned out after that. At 4:1 it's still there, but not as thick as it could be.

The aroma is beautiful, almost all wormwood. There are some other herbs but they're muted and in the background.

The flavor is amazing. Very close to a pleasant aroma of wormwood. I was expecting it to be insanely bitter and astringent, but that is not the case. The wormwood flavor is very solid, but not dominant or unpleasant the way some wormwood bombs can be. I believe all of the attractive qualities of wormwood were captured perfectly, without any of what I would call unappetizing qualities. All of the other herbs are very muted. The spotlight is on the wormwood.

The finish too is very pleasant and refreshing. It doesn't leave my mouth drying out and there's no urge or need to pucker. The finish lasts for a long time, which is also nice.

Aside from the louche, this is a wonderful absinthe, and one of the best blanches I've ever had. I'm usually not too interested in blanches, but this one is indeed, very very nice. If it were readily available I'd be drinking this absinthe just as often as I drink vertes, and that is quite an achievement.
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