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Not your grandfather's absinthe...
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The Wormwood Blanche does not conform to the standard absinthe profile. If the "holy trinity" of absinthe herbs forms a tripod, then this one leans severely due to the elongated wormwood leg. That said, it makes for an intriguing change of pace.

I gave it a four for color, so as not to skew this review upward. The Blanche is perfectly clear, and attractive enough, but the louche is very thin. I am told that is due to there being so little anise present. The aroma is pleasant and interesting, though there is a slight inky note in the mix which might offend a sensitive nose. This comes through somewhat in the flavor as well, which I found rather too unbalanced to rate above a three.

The finish is surprisingly good, however; a pleasing upnote at the end the tasting. Overall, this is well worth trying, especially if one is looking for a change of pace. For most, however, it would not likely do for every day.
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