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W stands for Wormwood!
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Thanks to the courtesy of Nico I have had the pleasure of reveling in that tipple.

This is the orgy of wormwood, and very good one, almost as powerful as Polish. The wormwood is like weed growing everywhere in the glass, from the glass.

Since wormwood is so upfront and bold, it was obvious that louche will be so-so, otherwise the anethole buddies would ruin the divine aroma.

As a matter of fact, the wormwood used in that extrait is not the typical floral, yet delicate wormwood of Pontarlier we know from current absinthes.

In a sense it is very wormwoody, even too much, it is bitter, powerful and penetrating. Definitely something for very experienced absintheurs. If you happen to get it somewhere, do not hesitate drinking it. If you happen to be at Nico's Den in Boveresse, tell that Boggy sends you and maybe Nico will pour you one.
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