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(Updated: August 09, 2012)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water: Clear as a blanche should be.

After Water: Thin louche that’s more translucent than opaque. Reminds me of pre-2008sih Emile Pernot offerings.

Entertaining slow action but ultimately thin.

Before Water: Concentrated aroma of floral fruity grande wormwood.

After Water: Less concentrated aroma of floral fruity wormwood. This is definitely some good wormwood that has enough going on to make me forget about anise and fennel or any other herbs, which are all hiding safely out of range.

-Flavor and Mouthfeel-
The flavor is that of floral fruity wormwood. There are also notes of floral fruity wormwood followed by floral fruity wormwood nuances. And I think some minty-ness as well. The body is pretty thin; seems like there’s just enough of the anethole section here to barely out hold it together and provide a louche, and that’s it.

Gosh that A.a. is nice but at this point the finish has become kinda cloying. A touch more minty tone makes it tolerable however. For me it seemed to fade out quickly instead of sing.

Well ya can’t accuse Wormwood Blanche of false advertising! It’s definitely a one trick pony, but nonetheless a pretty pony with wormwood flowers in it’s hair. If it wasn't a rare one-off product I’d recommend it as standard palate education for the great expression of distilled Pontarlier A. absinthium.

Notes: 3.5:1 water to absinthe, no sugar. 3.5 seemed like it was getting close to over watering for this one.
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