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Even better than the original test batch
Overall rating
Appearance: peridot green with first press olive oil hues. Bright and attractive. No sediment. Judiciously colored.

Louche: The additional anise has really helped to improve the louche. Nice and thick with a beautiful opalescence.

Aroma: Lots of character. Fresh and bright herbal, alpine aromas.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Well balanced and herbacious.Floral and 'juicy frooty'. The wormwood pops nicely, and the higher anise level has balanced out the dryness. Mouthfeel has also improved.

Finish: dry and herbal, with anise playing a bit more of a roll here as well, giving some additional 'roundth'.

Overall: Even before the improvements, this was a very good absinthe. Now this is a top contender.

Highly recommended.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1