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An excellent absinthe.
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The colour is ideal peridot with a very slight haze. It's natural and extremely attractive.

Before water the aroma is dominated by alcoholic heat and anise. There's some slight grassiness and a hint of caramel. The wormwood is faint but noticeable. Water opens it up to an unbelievable degree. It becomes fresh and citrusy with some pine notes. Powder and camphor swirl around, appearing and then disappearing.

The louche is slow but develops very thick, with an inviting limeade appearance when taken in as a whole. Nice, sunset-orange light refraction at the edges.

Upon tasting the first thing I notice is deep floral wormwood, sweet and crisp. Woodsy. The anise is very present but doesn't take the spotlight. Not too much bitterness, but there is a twinge of saltiness. Well balanced across the entire tongue. Bell peppers, flowers, and citrus. Summery.

The finish is long and dramatic. Wormwood bitterness becomes a little more prevalent like a bass solo as the other herbs form more of an ambient tone with a sprinkle of peppercorn. Some candy-like flavours and soft powder as it fades.

This is a truly outstanding absinthe, where almost every aspect is exemplary. It has a strong, modern American character overall but the details find a way to be idiosyncratic while harmonious at the same time.
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