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One of my favorite vertes of all time.
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The color of Ridge Verte is a beautiful all natural green, what I expect a verte to look like, chlorophyll.

The louche is also perfect. It's quick, but not too fast, a beautiful and appetizing light green. Describing it as thick doesn't seem appropriate so I'll use the word 'solid'. Thick would be too much and I think if ther was any more louche it would be too much.

The aroma is spicy, with a little bit of citrus which becomes more apparent with a slow drip. I immediately think of melissa but there is some anise in there as well and while both scents are noticeable, neither are overpowering of unpleasant. Very appetizing!

The flavor is a symphony of herbs, led by some anise up front, but not too much, supported by good wormwood composing most of the body with apparent (but not distracting!) melissa on the finish. Like Ridge Blanche I feel there are other herbs and flavors in this absinthe that I'm missing or not identifying correctly and I like that very much.

The mouthfeel is perfect, not too thick and oily and not thin, but there and satisfying.

The finish is perfect. It's there but I don't feel like I've been chewing on any herbs.

Overall- This is one of my all time favorite vertes. I'd drink it everyday if I could, and next time I have someone who is new to absinthe over I'll start them off with Ridge Verte. It's so refreshing, coupled with the level of craftsmanship and quality it's quite clear to me that this is a marvelous beverage. And I like it quite a bit.
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