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Powerful Montana Herbs
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
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I could bask in these aromas all night - floral, powerful, and smooth. Neat color is pretty close to perfect - not too dark... but dark enough to stand out. Louche is glorious and thick - forms a bit quickly with lengthy, oily tentrils which form into heavy cloudbanks. This tastes very similar to how it smells - outstanding. Mouthfeel and finish both present themselves well and are enjoyable. Lots of great flavour and the preparation is difficult to get wrong. Out-standing!

Slightly "medicinal".... rustic... herbal... this is a great American absinthe and one which I expect will always be in my cabinet.

EDIT: There is a bit of menthol in the flavour and aroma which might be strange to some... so I have balanced my scores a bit based upon that. This is most likely from the elecampane used.
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