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Solid, better than average Verte
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: Very attractive peridot. Deep and inviting with perfect clarity.

Louche: Thick billowing trails starting from the top of the glass. A very bright green meniscus that ends at around 3/1 water ratio. A cross between jade and lime juice when fully louched. I haven’t seen it yet in natural sunlight however.

Aroma: Very powerful sweet/fruity anise which is followed by an earthy undertone of wormwood. Every now and then I smell a slight funk but this is tough to distinguish from the earthy characters. I also get hints of dill in this absinthe.

Flavor: Assertive wormwood wrapped in more ‘Juicy Fruit’ anise. I again detect a decent dill presence in the flavor with some fennel. Towards the end the flavor is earthier. I like how the earthiness and fruitiness come and go; they intertwine well and make for an interesting drink

Finish: Candy-like anise once more. Very interesting that it includes fennel as well. It doesn’t last long enough which is surprising for such a robust flavored absinthe.

Overall: I think this is a very good absinthe. It has all of the characteristics of a quality verte. It’s a pretty good value for folks looking to enjoy a traditional verte.

I enjoyed this best with a 3.5 to 1 water ratio and a sugar cube.
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