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Not that Vieux, rather Jeune
(Updated: December 20, 2010)
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The colour is too pale, although there were pics of a batches where it was quite nice green.

Louche is alright. However, the aroma is very flat, if it was the absinthe to surpass Lucid, it did, as they are both relatively one-dimensional. An everyday absinthe, maybe, but rather in the vein of the finest absinthes inferieures of the yore. Misplaced wormwood, wet anise profile, terribly stinking wrongly-processed alcohol, no factual aging or mellowing.

Flavour is better as wormwood note, if still too discrete, is quite pleasant.

Finish is short, tailsy and typically for the style it "thrives"-absinthe inferieure.

Overall, there are much better absinthes in the US to be savoured; there are absolutely much better absinthes in Europe as well.

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