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Vieux Pontarlier - high quality and affordable.
(Updated: September 02, 2014)
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I'm giving this absinthe marks. Visually, it's just about perfect, starting as a lovely and bright, peridot green and louching to an equally attractive, opalescent jade. The louche process itself seems just right, starting with heavy, rope-like "oil trails" and ending with the expected vanishing ring of green. I found the aroma before water to be intensely herbal, but it mellows as the water is added, and the anise comes to the forefront. The flavor is herbal, complex, and very interesting, with a soft and lingering bitterness that I found very pleasing; the finish is less perfect than the initial flavor but still very good. Overall, I would say this is the one of the better absinthes on the US market I've tried to date, and for the price, it is very hard to beat.
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