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Probably my measuring stick absinthe
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Appearance- A nice, light, slightly yellowish green.

Louche- Thick louche, can't see through the glass. As it louches it's a good display.

Aroma- Very much what I expect from a good, drinkable absinthe, although it didn't seem to fill the room during louche like others I've had. Very inviting when holding glass up for a drink. Slightly fruity and maybe a really subtle mint.

Flavor- After a bottle I consider this to be my standard against which all other absinthes shall be measured. It's not the greatest but it's very good. For me, just good/acceptable absinthe is often not really worth the price. This is. Not very or complex, but not lacking, like a sort of basic essence of what absinthe should probably be. Very fresh, again slightly fruity, nice balance of anise, and a little creamy. Good stuff.

Finish- Seemed really dependent on the water ratio, which is probably always true. I tend to enjoy the tongue numbness and with a low enough water ratio it delivered. No foul or 'off' after-taste of any kind, just a nice end to a pleasant drink. I believe I did notice the wormwood a bit more here.

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