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Regaining Its Balance
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This is the second absinthe I ever tried, and with the bottle's contents now dwindling, it's time to do a review. Reviewing this absinthe's history, there was a lot of praise early on, and then some seeming production problems with funky/veggie odors and tastes of the tails end of the distillate. I haven't noticed this issue with my bottle, so perhaps EP has rectified the issue with this absinthe.

APPEARANCE: Very pretty, a nice, slightly-lemony peridot, very vibrant and clear, no haze or debris whatsoever. Rotating the glass and exposing it to light reveals turquoise, lime and other colors to the eye. Certainly not too light, nor too dark, this is a very bright and attractive absinthe whose color is thoroughly natural in appearance.

LOUCHE: Not too thin but perhaps a bit too thick, some light does pass through the bottom of the glass but refractory elements are limited. There is a nice, red-orange line where light passes through at the very bottom of the glass, very reminiscent of fire opal. The final, louched glass is milky green that retains a good deal of depth and color. Aside from the reds and oranges noted earlier, however, there are no other refractory elements present.

AROMA: The aroma from the bottle is caramel, sugar, anise and some alcohol. Pre-louche, in the the glass, it's almost all alcohol. During the louche, the aroma blossoms nicely from the glass, and post-louche there is a nice mix of herbal scents. Anise and pine hit first, with subtle notes of lemon and mint, and a general floral quality weaving its way through and around the rest. No funk, alcohol or vegetable notes - very clean. It's not perfect, and could perhaps stand to have a bit more "oomph" to it, but it's a very refreshing and enticing aroma.

FLAVOR/MOUTHFEEL: Anise, piquant spice and a mild bitterness introduce themselves in that order. The taste is clean and light without being lightweight, and is refreshing. There are no tingles or prickles as of star anise and the flavors, while not particularly complex, are perfectly in tune with one another. No "off" tastes are present, nor candy-like flavors. Very enjoyable.

FINISH: Smooth at first, then some mild heat and mild bitterness, followed by a lingering sweetness and spice. Very mild numbing on the tongue, only noticeable if focused upon, and the pleasant aftertaste lingers for awhile and primes the palate in desiring another sip.

OVERALL: I feel fortunate that either this bottle is very old, or EP has fixed their problems with this absinthe. This is a very delicious absinthe and although it is not as complex and nuanced as some of the very best, it is still a very fine absinthe and one of my favorites.
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