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This is definitely my favorite absinthe to date out of the 8 absinthes I have tried. It has everything I expect out of an absinthe without being overwhelming, and the effect from drinking it is the most "absinthe" type of experience I have had. It definitely gives a different feel from any other type of alcohol. As cliche as it may sound, it always gives me extremely vivid dreams as well.

Light green, but nothing special. Bottle looks a more vintage, but nothing special.

Good louche, turns a pale whitish green. Stays thin looking, but you can definitely see the effect as you dilute.

Very good minty smell. Not too much anise, or any other smell, but a nice blend. Some may not appreciate the mellowness of it, but the characteristic notes are there.

This absinthe does a great job of blending the flavors without any being too pronounced. If you are used to a strong anise taste, you wont find it here. Minty flavor, but not overwhelming. Perfect for my taste.

Leaves a nice feeling, thin, refreshing, and ready for another sip. No strong alcohol or anise aftertaste.

I love this product. The only thing that really stands out to me is the different feeling from drinking it. This may sound like a negative, but it really does not suffer in any category. Everything is a perfect blend for a traditional absinthe. Smooth all the way through with an intriguing feeling afterwards.
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