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Vieux Carre'
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I agree with Brian that the packaging is pretty nice. This review was conducted with 1 sugar cube, a 4-to-1 ratio, and per the Absinthe Evaluation Instructions.

Color: Although the color wasn't bright, it had a green to golden brown color that gave it an aged feel.

Louche: The louche was a bit thin, didn't start until around the half-way mark, and seemed milky.

Aroma: Was on the weak side. However, what I did notice was nice and pleasant.

Flavor: Bitterness is a little overpowering at first, but the flavors are definitely more noticeable when it starts to subside. Reminds me of Obsello.

Finish: A nice near-clean mouth feel with a slight tingle.

Overall: Definitely acceptable. I think there needs to be some balance so the flavors come out more quickly. I don't think 1 sugar cube is enough, but 2 might be too much. I'd say either 1 and a half cubes or 2 of the smaller sized variety like Domino Dots.
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