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(Updated: June 19, 2012)
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Unlouched, the color is medium amber with slight greenish glints. Reasonably clear, some slight suspended particulate in the dose. The bottom of my bottle is monkey island. Louched, the final color is milky amber with whitish yellow at the edges and whitish blue at the meniscus. Only the slightest gradients in color keep it from being one-dimensional looking.

Very nice thick trails immediately and clouding sets up quickly. The clouding builds real fast though, and every time it was fully opaque by .8/1. Almost no layering, and also each time I got a "sudsy" looking cordon of bubbles around the rim that I did not find attractive. And believe me, I'm a nutcase where it comes to washing and rinsing any kind of drinking glass. This is something I've not seen with any other absinthe. Louche is somewhat murky until the dilution reaches about 3.5/1 and lets some light in.

Neat, nice anise/fennel backed by clean, pleasant herbals. What I believe is the genepi gives this a slightly different character than most. Louched, very nice. All the "green" stuff up front... wormwood, genepi, pontica. The anise and fennel back this up, and a note of florals, citrus and mint wrap it up. Occasionally I get a nice whiff of hyssop. Really fine balance. All facets constantly weaving in and out.

Like the nose, the palate is very herbal driven. Wormwood, genepi, pontica, hyssop up front and supported by the anise/fennel combo. The star anise adds a pleasant little tingle and kicks the brightness a bit. Probably the best use of star anise I have seen yet. A lot of other complexities (floral, citric, minty) dance in and out of view.

A really straight on kind of finish. Not boring because this absinthe isn't. A good linear fade of all the nose and palate impressions. The slightest tongue numbing and "pull" on the palate. Overall finish is crisp, minty, refreshing, and satisfying.

Yeah, I like it. The last two evaluations, especially, I have started out lukewarm on this because the visual aspects could use some improvement. But I gotta' tell you once past that, VC has a lot going for it. Great subtle and refined balance, it's fresh, refreshing, not overpowering in any way. Let it warm up. At room temperature this stuff sings. Clearly genuine absinthe with its own unique personality.

Done with a 1 ounce dose, diluted 3.5/1, and 4/1 and no sugar.

Vieux Carre 3/08/09, 3/15/09, 5/09/09, 5/16/09
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