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Another very good absinthe from America
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This is another tasty absinthe and thanks to a friend, I'm delighted to have my hands on a full bottle of Vieux Carré Absinthe. The color is very pretty but my bottle had a bit of haze and once in the glass, the color was a beautiful yellow-green. The louche held a lovely opalescence through 4.5-to-1 but started to degrade after that. That's less of a complaint than a warning to those with a 5-to-1 or greater preference. It is a delicious absinthe, light and refreshing with plenty of complexity. The Wormwood bitterness is a little curious as it seems to come and go, perhaps playing with the Genepy but a bit more sustained Wormwood dominance would be a personal preference of mine. It's a minor complaint because this is a well crafted beverage.

I like Vieux Carré Absinthe. I also like the decanter bottle. It looks damn good on my bar and tastes damn good to boot. Congratulations to Philadelphia Distillery. They have added another quality product to their arsenal of fine beverages.
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