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(Updated: January 07, 2010)
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I was very pleased when I first pulled out this absinthe and poured a dose. First off, the packaging is great. The decanter style bottle adds a lot of class.

Color: A deep emerald/forest green. Maybe a bit too dark.

Louche: Using my fountain and Simon Pierce bubble glass, I got some remarkable trails and a nice thick (but not too thick) louche. It retains an inviting light green color when fully louched. I enjoyed it most at about 3.5:1.

Aroma: Lots of very nice anise and fennel with some minty wormwood in the background. Well balanced and refreshing.

Flavor and Finish: I really like how balanced this absinthe is. The fennel doux adds a nice light sweetness that plays well with the light anise and floral wormwood. The genepi adds a nice 'roundness' to the overall flavor and texture. The flavors linger on the tongue for quite a while.

Overall: It would be tough for people to not enjoy this absinthe. It's well balanced, light and still complex. Nothing out of the ordinary. I like that they used their first absinthe as a chance to represent a traditional flavor profile.

If you can pick up a bottle of this, I recommend doing so.
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