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Color- Somewhere between an olive green and a golden brown. It can look just kind of brownish in the bottle, from across the room, but when you actually pour it you can see some green in there. I noticed some tiny sediments floating around in the bottle but they don't really bother me.
Louche- The louche action itself isn't too fun to watch. The absinthe just kind of turns a bit milky, without much swirling cloudy stuff going on. The end result looks nice in the glass however, and has some blue/yellow coloring effects when looking through it.
Aroma- Very herbal/vegetal, but also sweet candied scents of anise. After louched, floral scents kind of take over.
Flavor- Anise and fennel seem most prominent, with a hint of something like mint. Also strong floral qualities that kind of weight everything down. The flavor is solid and enjoyable but not really complex or exciting or grabbing in any way. Just a nice example of absinthe that's slightly dominated by anise.
Finish- The floral quality comes forward here, for me.
Overall- I like this absinthe. It's a very good value for the price. I would consider it a kind of slightly upper-mid tier absinthe.
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