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Better love anise!
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One of the best looking bottles, in my opinion, though the absinthe is a little darker than most.

It really does not have any louche effect. When diluting the dark green turns slightly more clouded, but nothing near the normal louche. Not a major loss to the product, but takes away from the traditional absinthe feel.

ANISE! Very strong anise aroma, if you don't like the strong smell, you wont like this.

ANISE! Very, very strong anise taste. Not my preference, which kills this product for me. I have tried several different ratios but none were to my liking. One must really love the anise taste to like this product.

Again, anise. Vieux is drowned in anise. Not my taste.

This is a poor example of absinthe. The flavor and smell are drowned in anise and there is not that certain absinthe feel when drinking it. In my opinion this is a beverage drowned in anise and called absinthe. Its one redeeming quality is; it is a very handsome bottle to put on the shelf, though if anyone wants to try it it may ruin absinthe for them!
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