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Almost a session absinthe.
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This is from a recently-found sample that is at least three years old. Before louching the absinthe is olive-green and hazy. The aroma is watery, with a pineapple character. Anise is dominant.

It louches a fairly opaque, whitish green but not thick enough to leave a residue on the glass. The aroma is now less fruity, more anise-heavy, with a little bit of an ammonia smell that is a reall buzzkill.

The flavour is mostly wormwood, with a little anise beneath--not nearly as much as in the aroma. Due to this, it's more bitter than sweet. Wormwood is a little weird and contributes a dill flavour. To me a lot of wormwood does this to a small degree, but in this absinthe it's pronounced.

The finish is the weakest part; overly numbing, most of the flavour dies quickly. Some wormwood lingers, but it is marred by ammonia-like traces underneath.

It's an okay absinthe but it has some issues. I appreciate its wormwood-forward flavour but it sacrifices complexity to achieve it. This would be perfectly acceptable for a "session absinthe" (think IPA hoppiness and refreshment) but the weird off-flavours hurt it in that regard.
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